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What does a Digital Market Agency Actually do

In today’s digital economy, online businesses are booming. This has led to the need for digital marketing which is the umbrella term that describes all sales and marketing events that occur online. Digital marketing offers a ton of support for businesses such as insightful strategy, sophisticated design, and impactful digital experiences that come together to turn complex problems into growth opportunities. 

The purpose of a digital marketing agency

The internet is a vast space and not all, even the largest conglomerates, businesses have the time and resources to lead a successful online marketing campaign. This is where TWR comes into assist. As of 2020 the digital marketing agency, TWR, was declared the top digital agency of 2020 according to DesignRush

What is TWR you ask? TWR is a Chicago based digital marketing agency that has its claws deep in the digital realm. The company brings together a community of unique personalities who use their connections and proficiency of the world make wide web to businesses excel on the internet. Business, especially marketing, success is a direct consequence of the connectivity of people. Where else to leverage on the connectivity than on social media platforms?

What can a Digital Marketing Agency, “TWR”, can do for you

We may not be able to speak for other agencies, but TWR has the best intention for its clientele and this is what we offer to anyone who walks through our doors online and in person.

Strategy. Design. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an expansive and fast growing space. It runs across a spectrum of services, including strategy and design. We also offer more conventional digital marketing services such as SEO, social media management, and paid search. At TWR, we have an exciting arrangement of services which we have split into three core bases– Strategy, Design, and Digital Marketing. 


Data driven decision making is the way all businesses should form their organizational choices. That is why here at TWR, all of our partnerships begin with qualitative and quantitative research to help us better understand the challenges ahead of us and ensure that our proposed plan of action will deliver maximum impact. One of our in-house strategy is to use alongside our team of data scientists to conduct web analytics.  We also use the latest CRM systems, and other secure data sources to identify major growth opportunities and to keep our design and digital marketing initiatives at top notch. Some of the strategy-based services that we offer include: 

  • Brand Strategy

A brand is like goodwill; it brings in the business even when all else fails. At TWR we aim to create a brand name that surpasses time. 

  • Growth Strategy 

It always boils down to the bottom line. What better way to improve market share and consequently revenues than by upping your firm’s digital presence? 

  • Digital Strategy 

You want a brand name that sticks? Do you want to see more online following? At TWR our mission is to ensure that your company’s brand is known in all the important digital spheres. 

  • Culture Strategy 

Company culture isn’t something that forms overnight, but it is essential to create a sense of community and maintain a pace of passion in the workplace. 

  • Channel Strategy 

An effective channel strategy can help you reach your target audience more efficiently, improve revenue opportunities, and strengthen your brand identity. Always remember that sometimes where you choose to speak online is just as important as what you have to say.


A picture can say 1000 words. This is why here at TWR our aim is literally to give visuals to the words a firm wants to say. Studies have found that people respond better to visual stimuli than text based communication. That is why we aim to create business legacies from a foundation of innovative design. This is the reason design forms a significant part of our digital marketing agency base activities. Some of the design-based services that we offer include: 

  • Branding 
  • Website Design 
  • Product Design 
  • E-commerce Platform Design 
  • UI/UX Optimization 

Digital marketing

Finally, we come to the services most commonly associated with digital marketing, actual “digital Marketing”. Yes, we have to admit that these services are offered at every turn in Chicago. So why are we so different? Remember that digital marketing alone as a service is nothing without the foundation of proper strategy, research, and design needed to bring it to life. Some of the digital marketing services that we offer include: 

  • Organic Search 

Search engine optimization is the king of attracting new customers on a company’s platform.

  • Paid Search 

One of the best ways to expand your visibility is by having paid searches

  • Brand Campaigns 

An effective brand campaign can move your company from zero to hero status when it comes to the online space. That is why we do our due diligence by conducting qualitative and quantitative research before launching. 

  • Digital Advertising 

The right message, to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right platform is a potent weapon to hold and it can only be achieved through efficient digital advertising. 

  • Social Content Management 

 Social media platforms, are a great way of improving your market reputation. That is why the TWR digital family believes in creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with customers and followers on all social media platforms. What’s even better is that we will create the content.

  • WordPress Development 

We will make sure that you stand out from the crowd with unique brand expression. 

So what does a digital marketing agency do?

We are all about creating, revamping and even re-envisioning your digital presence by providing far more than just content management and organic search assistance. We believe that when used in unison, strategy, design, and digital marketing can unlock untapped potential and are an invaluable tool that cannot be ignored. 


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