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Top web design trends for 2022

This year will be a revival year. 2022 is the year that people will restore their lives back and designers are throwing back design trends to the 1990s.

Designers are making genius designs and avoiding the grid. Emphasizing on muted color palettes, typography, and retro graphics builds a website based on the specifics. As web designing moves ahead with more innovative visual effects and interactions, it is imperious that The Web Tribe members keep pace with the modern trends.

Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the trends defining 2022 up until now.

Go big or go home

Avoid using the photo-centric designs of the previous decade. Going bigger is better! This is the current trend with huge layout! It assumes a graphical component instead of just being an element of the copy if used at a huge size. Contemporary designers are building hero sections and landing pages that allow their material to be self-explanatory. In this method, the user’s attention is captured by the page through elimination of other disruptions like illustration and imagery. The design will be interactive, brutalist, and the colors will be bare. 

The retro revolution 

In the previous year, the 90s has been observed to make a comeback in music and fashion thus it was expected that soon it would also take over web design. The past two years were full of ambiguity, drawing people to the ease of their favorite brands and technologies from the past. This entirely artistic trend blends Memphis design topographies for instance geometric shapes and pastel colors with framed images and grainy feels to build touchable experiences that offer a feeling of familiarity. Basically, simpler interfaces result in simpler times.

Scrolly telling

Scrolly telling, which is also referred to as narrative visualization, is a progressively common method of elevating users’ experience and taking them on a discovery journey. Extensive scrolling pages that offer interactive elements and even transitions inspire users to absorb content based on their individual pace, which controls navigation and the flow. Through exhibiting messages in fascinating ways, users are encouraged to continue scrolling, even as they experience amazing interactions between color, text, and image. Horizontal scrolling web pages are also growing in popularity, steering the trend a step further towards creating fun, unforgettable experiences that inspire users’ usual viewing encounters. If you are looking for an ideal trend for online galleries, portfolio websites, timelines, and maps with the intention of amazing and intriguing users through personal experiences, then Scrolly telling is the way to go.  

Keeping it classy

In comparison to other available 2022 trends, this trend takes back design to the fundamentals. ‘Keeping it classy’ adds calmness on the scene of web design after the past two years of turmoil. The trend uses colors that are easy on users’ eyes, legible fonts and minimalist style designs. This trend combines standard serif fonts with simple color palettes, flat layouts, and glassmorphism features. The outcomes are refined, modern, and sophisticated designs. The shimmering, blurred glass-morphism backgrounds are intended to amaze users with the diamond-like features while paper-like qualities, sharp edges, and muted colors form recyclable aesthetics. Both produce elegant, tangible, and high contrast designs via their handcrafted urbane and quality typography. 

Final views

Clearly, we can see from these examples that this year’s trends are versatile, and most designers are deciding to blend styles to discover the ideal balance between earthy, sleek aesthetics and brutalist typography. All this is done while ensuring that users are conversant with this interface by creating interactive but easily consumable websites. This year is certainly something to hope for and it is our joy to make these trends a reality. Please go through our portfolio to stay updated with the latest project launches. 


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